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Its good and its very good when step show free of cost😁. But honestly, it's such a life saver, i love it and my hateness for maths has turned into love ❤️, may not have been able to complete courses without it.

Pedro Sweeney

I sometimes use the picture thing instead of taking 2 mins to right the problem. It provides relevant answers exactly the way you want them to be. Y grades by getting work down faster and it even explains how to do the problem and the exact process of it is so easy too all you do is take a picture of the problem and boom everything you need it even shows other ways to do the problem plus it uses textbooks like big ideas math and give you the exact answer the way your textbook wants it I would give it 6 stars if I could.

Robert French

Amazing app! This app actually helps me out on my math homeworks, especially that I'm a 4th grader I learn alot from this, just that one thing I'd like you to add is video explanation on dividing fractions and more (I did get This app Plus) overall I love the idea and this is very helpful.

Luis Coleman
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