How to get rid of an exponent

Before attempting to extract any variables out of an exponent, it is important to understand how exponents work and how they represent a concise form of multiplication.

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How to get rid of an exponent in an equation

With so many tools and methods at your disposal, extracting variables from exponents is much simpler than most people may think!

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How Can a Variable Exponent Be Canceled? : Algebra

Extracting a variable from an exponent requires performing one of many available transformations, such as expressing the variable as a fractional exponent or rewriting the variable as a logarithm.

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How to get rid of a variable exponent

Doing so helps to simplify complicated mathematical equations and can allow for further manipulation of the expression.

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Eliminate Exponents: How to

In addition to simplifying equations, extracting variables from exponents can help uncover underlying relationships between different parts of an expression.
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How to get rid of exponents in an equation

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2.6: Natural Logarithms (How Can I Get That Variable

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