How do you determine diameter

It's as simple as adding up all the lengths of each side.

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3 Ways to Calculate the Diameter of a Circle

Finding the perimeter of an object can be a straightforward process, depending on the shape being measured.

How To Determine The Diameter Of A Circle

No matter how complex the shape may be once you memorize how to do perimeter, it becomes second nature.

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Circumference to Diameter

For complicated shapes with many sides, it requires counting how many sides there are then multiplying that by how long each side is in order to find how far around it goes.

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How To Take A Diameter Measurement

For example, to calculate the perimeter of a rectangle, you would add up the length of each side to get the total distance around.

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How Do You Measure the Diameter of a Round Object?

On a circle, or any curved shape, the perimeter is called circumference and can be calculated by using math formulas such as pi multiplied by 2 times radius.

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